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Guest Testimonial

I have nothing but positive things to say about our visit. The staff really goes above and beyond. My family and I came here for my daughter’s birthday over the weekend and had a wonderful time. My daughter says she had the best birthday ever. From the moment we entered the park we felt welcomed. The staff were friendly and attentive. The campground was clean and charming. We rented a cabin that slept six and it was clean and fit my family and all our stuff quite comfortably.

We arrived on Friday and left on Sunday. My daughter was excited to see all the activities they offered. She was especially excited to go on the Hey Ride with Santa that night but unfortunately, it was storming and had to be canceled. We went to paint some ceramics and as we were there, Santa came. Even though there weren’t many children and it was sticky out, he stayed. He played ping pong with my daughter and another little boy. He seemed to be having as much fun as the kids. He was patient with them as they asked him questions and were hugging him. There was an activity director with him named Brianna and she was having as much fun as Santa and the kids were. She was also in charge of the ceramics that night and was very helpful and friendly to everyone. You can tell she enjoys her job. The same could be said for Santa.

The next day was my daughter’s birthday. We added on the birthday package as a surprise for her. Yogi Bear and his helper, Ashely arrived in the morning with a picnic basket and a birthday cake. The picnic basket contained a plush Yogi, a birthday party package with plates, hats and horns and she received a birthday card signed by Yogi. The cake was chocolate and beautifully made. It was also delicious. Yogi stayed and interacted with our daughter. It was not one of those “throw the cake at the kid and get out of here.” Ashley asked if we wanted a family picture taken with Yogi and she took the pictures. Again, the person playing Yogi was very patient on this hot day as my daughter kept hugging him. This was not the end of her day. Other staff members had found out it was my daughter’s birthday and were wishing her a Happy Birthday when they saw her. They even knew her name. Later in the evening was a dance party and a glow in the dark “Hey” Ride with Santa. As we were waiting in line, Brianna came by us and another family who’s daughter was having a birthday and took us out of line and brought us to the front so the girls could sit near Santa. I didn’t ask for this or expect it. It’s just another example of going above and beyond to make someone’s day special. It’s these little touches that makes a person want to come back.

My husband and I were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Especially the activity directors and the employees who dress in costume on these very hot days. The activity directors never once lost their patience when a guest was screaming at them or complaining to them. The employees dressed in costume still interacted with guests despite the heat. Saturday, it was very hot and there was a walk with Yogi and Mrs. Claus. Despite the heat and having to be in very hot costumes, Yogi walked the park, stopped to take pictures with guests who were at their campsites. Mrs. Claus held my daughter’s hand as they walked.

We loved all the staff and have nothing but positive things to say about all of them. We really do appreciate all the hard work they do to keep the guests happy and to insure they are having a good time. One staff member, Brianna really did stand out from the rest. She is a sweetheart. She made everyone feel welcomed, she spoke with all the guests. She was the one who tried to make things extra special. My daughter loved her so much, she asked her if she could have her picture taken with her so she can remember her.

I’ve read reviews complaining that the park is dirty and the bathrooms are disgusting. I just would like to say the bathrooms being disgusting is not the staffs fault. When we were there, there was a staff member cleaning them almost hourly. The problem is the ignorance and lack of respect of some of the guests. Most of the guests are adults, how hard is it to put toilet paper in the toilet and flush? Grown women, even teenage girls know their feminine products belong in the little bin right next to the toilet. Not stuck to the walls of the stall. Same with the shower chairs. You can only imagine what was on that. When it’s one person trying to keep a bathroom that is used by over 100 people who are treating her like their maid, it’s not easy to keep up with. So, I would like to say to those guests and anyone reading this, show some respect. These people are working to pay their bills, some to put themselves through school, don’t make their jobs harder than they need to be. You wouldn’t do that in your own home or when you visit a friend or family member’s home, why do it here?

I’ve always preferred to stay at family run businesses because they are always more welcoming and treat their guests well, Our experience here, proved that to be true. We will definitely be returning.

Thank you again to everyone for a memorable and special birthday for my daughter and a trip for us.